Diagnostic analysis report of hospital equipment furniture factory

Diagnostic analysis report of hospital equipment furniture factory

Today, we will bring you a diagnostic analysis report of hospital equipment furniture factory.

(1) Political elements

The government directly plays an important role in the macro-control policies of the home industry. In the long run, the improvement of the qualification management, bidding system, project supervision and project accident investigation in the furniture industry will play an important role in the development of the industry.

Diagnostic analysis report of hospital equipment furniture factory

Joining WT0 brings opportunities: joining the WTO will undoubtedly bring more opportunities to China’s decoration industry. First, the Chinese market after China’s accession to the WTO has gradually become an open, equal, competitive and transparent market, providing enterprises with more participation in fairness. Opportunities for competition; Secondly, as the market opens up, industry leaders and practitioners will be further updated with ideas and learning through cooperation and exchanges.

Diagnostic Analysis Report of Hospital Equipment Furniture Factory: Understand foreign advanced management operation methods to enhance professional and service levels and enhance their competitive strength!

(2) Economic factors

Urbanization is the core driving force for the development of the future decoration industry. The typical characteristic of China’s economic development is urbanization. The rapid growth of urban population in recent years shows the speed and potential of urbanization development, which also provides a lot of space for the development of China’s construction and decoration industry.

(3) Social factors

The level of social fashion taste has improved: people’s ideas and behavior patterns have also begun to change with the improvement of living standards and economic conditions. The impact on furniture companies is mainly reflected in:

People’s beautification of the environment landscape, the taste of furniture, the pursuit of fashion and so on. The furniture industry should make full use of its own advantages and cut into this field in a timely manner, such as high-end commercial housing, villas and other indoor furniture and other high value-added market segments.

(4) Technical elements

At this stage, the product styles in the furniture market are thundering, there is no new idea, and there is an urgent need for innovation in product types. People tend to buy outdoor furniture, so furniture companies need to develop furniture types.

Section II, Diagnostic Analysis Report of Hospital Equipment Furniture Factory: Industry Environmental Analysis!

After more than 30 years of development in China’s furniture industry, there are about 60,000 furniture companies in China with an output value of nearly one trillion. China has become the world’s number one furniture producing country and exporter.

According to the customs information network data, from January to October this year, China’s exports of furniture and its parts were 39.38 billion US dollars, an increase of 31.9% over the same period of last year. The growth rate was 24.1% higher than the overall growth rate of China’s exports during the same period. It can be said that the whole industry is still at Healthy and rapid development.

But at the same time, there are also some problems. First, there are more SMEs. Secondly, management is relatively backward. Again, brand competitiveness is not strong.

Scale analysis

At present, the development of the furniture industry is mainly based on the expansion of quantity, and initially established a complete industrial system with complete categories; at the same time, it is in line with international standards, and the furniture products have met the needs of people’s living needs and the international market. At present, five major industrial clusters have been formed in China;

Diagnostic analysis report of hospital equipment furniture factory

Namely: the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, the Bohai Bay, Chengdu, Sichuan, Hubei, Wuhan; the four major logistics markets are Guangdong Shunde Lecong, Jiangsu Jiaokou, Hebei’s Xianghe and Chengdu’s new capital.

In the context of the international furniture industry shift, according to the development trend in the next 5 to 10 years, the Chinese furniture industry will enter the second high-speed development period. Modern technological advancement has promoted the increasing scale of furniture production, and the dramatic changes in cost and price have quickly broken the original competitive landscape; cedarbrookfurniture.com

The introduction of automatic production lines will inevitably increase investment in fixed assets, reduce labor costs and production efficiency, and large-scale production and standardized production will become possible. In the new stage of industrial development, the transformation and upgrading of China’s furniture industry will become inevitable:

A large number of small and medium-sized enterprises will be eliminated, and a few outstanding enterprises will stand out in the industry relying on brand, quality, service and scale. In the future, China’s furniture industry will develop in three directions: fine, large-scale and brand-oriented.

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