Hospital News: Industry giants rush into smart home market

Hospital News: Industry giants rush into smart home market

At an international smart home exhibition, the staff introduced the color smart switch panel to the visitors. Hospital News: Industry giants rush into smart home market.

Today, smart home products have quietly “fly into the homes of ordinary people.” The “IDC China Smart Home Equipment Market Quarterly Tracking Report” released recently shows that in 2018, China’s smart home market shipments reached 150 million units, a year-on-year increase of 35.9%.

Hospital News: Industry giants rush into smart home market

The smart home market is in full swing, attracting many Internet companies to enter the market, including Alibaba, Baidu, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. have begun to build their own smart home platform.

Hospital News: Industry giants rush into smart home market

Internet of Things, cloud computing and artificial intelligence are the three key technologies in the smart home field. As the carrier of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and cloud computing, smart home can not only directly benefit from the advancement of technology, but also realize the realization of technology through industrial application, which in turn promotes the development of technology, thus forming a smart home application and key. Positive feedback between technologies.

In order to build a smart home products that are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the giants have entered the smart home market and strive to achieve cross-platform connectivity.

A few days ago, Gome Retail released an unaudited first quarter performance report for 2019. During the reporting period, Gome’s retail “Home·Life” new business continued to grow, with the smart product GMV (website transaction amount) increasing by 51% year-on-year.

The financial report shows that Gome’s smart series of its own brand of intelligent products, including TV, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning, air purification, intelligent security, home and other 54 categories, the current private brand products have been listed more than 200 product models.

Hospital News: Industry giants rush into smart home market! In addition to its own smart products, Gome continues to work with hardware brand manufacturers to create an open source platform for smart home solutions. The financial report shows that Gome has accumulated more than 70 manufacturers and more than 50 categories.

Consumers only need to download the Gome Smart App (application), which enables cross-brand, cross-category smart device connectivity and intelligent operation.

In addition to the “big brother” in the home appliance industry such as Gome, Internet companies such as Xiaomi and Samsung have also “shared” smart homes.

As early as 2018, Samsung has launched the smart home IoT (Internet of Things) platform “Samsung Zhijia”, the first to land loT ecological advancement.

Users can realize the intelligent Internet of Things through Samsung Zhijia APP, so that each device not only has the ability to think, but also understands the needs of users.

Cui Baoqiu, vice president and chairman of the technical committee of Xiaomi Group, said that Xiaomi is not only a smart phone company, but also an AloT (artificial intelligence Internet of Things) platform that integrates smart phones and smart hardware.

“In the future, smart homes and beautiful houses are inseparable from the interaction between people and equipment.” Cui Baoqiu said.

The new demand created by the Internet of Things is not born out of thin air. The consumer demand for TV, air conditioners, refrigerators and even lamps and door locks is natural.

Hospital News: Industry giants rush into smart home market

The emergence of smart homes has given the latter the ability to embrace intelligence and upgrade, while also presenting a large emerging market to consumers.

Be both “smart” and safe

At the beginning of the development of the smart home industry, major companies to seize the market, focus on the rapid development of product iterations, more pursuit of functional cool, and neglect product safety.

Because the enterprise’s investment in information security is relatively lagging behind, the construction of the security protection mechanism is not perfect, and a large number of security risks are buried.

Taking smart door locks as an example, it is a high-frequency use device in smart homes, which is an indispensable part of creating eco-homes, but security issues cannot be ignored.

The reporter’s investigation found that many residents in the community have changed their own security door locks such as password locks and fingerprint locks.

However, there are still many residents who have expressed concern: their own door locks are “smart” and not fake, but is it really safe?

Recently, the negative incidents of smart door locks that have burst out successively have caused many users to be suspicious of their security. Searching for “smart door lock” keywords, “safety”, “small black box” and “disadvantages” and other related words reflect the consumer’s There is a certain precautionary mentality for the security of smart door locks.

In addition, there is no in-depth understanding of the working principle and performance of the smart door lock system. The purchase of smart locks is only because of the “follow the wind” consumers.

Experts point out that door locks are different from other household equipment, and customers have low tolerance for products. At present, the imperfect after-sales service of smart door locks is also one of the important reasons that hinder its further development of the civilian market.

As a consumer, you should fully understand the usage, use and precautions of the smart door lock at the time of purchase. If you don’t follow the trend, don’t follow the trend. At the same time, major manufacturers should do the after-sales guarantee service of the products. It is possible for the smart door lock to “C-debut.” “Intelligent security can bring real protection to more people.”

Personalized experience is the key

With the upgrading of consumer concepts and the development of technology, the home furnishing industry has entered the era of smart home from the era of single-product smart home products. Smart home not only needs to be “smart” but also “home”. People-oriented is the purpose of smart home, and user experience is the life of smart home.

Insiders pointed out that the most important thing for smart homes at present is to upgrade and operate easily. It should not only consider the use of different people such as the elderly, children, the disabled, deaf and dumb, but also need to reduce the externality as much as possible. The dependence of unstable conditions such as the network ensures that the system can be used stably for 24 hours.

With the gradual landing of smart products, the capacity and penetration rate of China’s smart home market is in a period of improvement. The development of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud platforms and other technologies will pave the way for smart homes.

Driven by technology research and development and consumer demand, smart home will eventually evolve into a whole-house smart, providing users with a full range of services such as food, clothing, housing, health care and health.

People-oriented, conveying emotions and serving life are the main directions for the development of the current smart home market. Experts pointed out that smart homes must not only be interconnected, provide more technical home services, but also allow users to feel the user’s emotions and needs, so that they have a more humane experience.

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