Should I drink the first glass of water in the morning?

Should I drink the first glass of water in the morning?

Today, <Medical Encyclopedia> will tell you! Should I drink the first glass of water in the morning?

In fact, drinking a glass of water in the morning has many advantages:

· Replenish moisture: From the last bite of water you drink before going to the morning, there are seven or eight hours between you and you have no water at all, and you have to remove some water in the morning. When the body needs water urgently, it is just right to have a cup at this time.

<Medical Encyclopedia> Should I drink the first glass of water in the morning?

· Promote defecation; the stool stays in the body for too long, and there is not enough water to soften it, which will cause constipation. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to drink water in the morning. If the water is replenished, it can stimulate bowel movements and promote bowel movements.

· Dilute the blood; the concentration of blood in the morning is relatively high, and the color of the stool will be yellower. If you drink a glass of water at this time, you can increase the blood volume, dilute the blood, reduce the consistency, and effectively prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
· Clean up the stomach; drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning is very good for the body, known as “detoxification water.” It can clean the gastrointestinal tract, dilute the stomach acid, relieve the stomach burden, and eliminate the metabolic end products accumulated in the gastrointestinal tract at night.

· Beauty and beauty; the cup of water in the morning, and the name of “beauty water”. Because who is diluting the blood, it can also eliminate the accumulated toxins. After hydrating in the morning, it will quickly spread throughout the body, moisturizing the skin and making the skin become watery.

Of course, the premise of enjoying the above benefits is to drink water.

Should I drink the first glass of water in the morning? But you should not drink 6 kinds of water in the morning:
1, cold water; whether it is cool white or pure water, it is best not to drink on an empty stomach in the morning. Chinese medicine believes that the morning is the stage of yang qi and yang. The water is cold, cool, cold and cold, when a cup of cold water, it will lead to a fierce battle in the body, the newborn fire is injured by the water, time is not healthy.

2, salt water; modern human sodium intake is too much, in the absence of salt in the body to drink light salt water, will increase the intake of salt, and throat effect is not enough, but it will make people feel dry Dry tongue. For patients with high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and other conditions that need to control salt intake, people with poor kidney function should not drink light salt water.

3, beverages; beverages mostly contain citric acid, drinking into the human body will accelerate the excretion of calcium in the body during metabolism, reduce the calcium content in the blood, if long-term drinking will lead to calcium deficiency in the body, affecting bone growth. Moreover, such beverages have a high sugar content, and after drinking into the human body, the osmotic pressure of the extracellular fluid is also increased, and the water shortage of the cells is aggravated, and the purpose of quenching thirst is not achieved.

4, fruit juice; many women like to drink a cup of freshly squeezed juice in the morning to raise the face, this is not desirable. First, because the juice is sweet, drinking on an empty stomach can affect the appetite and can’t eat breakfast. Second, the human body likes a warm environment, especially in the morning. If you eat cold things, it will stimulate the stomach and affect digestion and absorption.

5, honey water; some people think that drinking a cup of honey water in the morning, has a laxative effect. The effect is there, but it is best not to drink on an empty stomach. In fact, it is not advisable to use honey water as the first cup of water in the morning. Honey water can not effectively replenish the water of the body cells, and the effect of cleaning the body waste is insufficient, and the metabolic workload is also increased.

6, overnight tea; if the tea is brewed for too long, a trace of amino acids, sugars and other substances will become bacteria, mold breeding nutrients. Moreover, the tea polyphenols, vitamins and other nutrients contained in the tea will be oxidized, and the nutritional and health value will be greatly reduced. Therefore, after getting up, the tea brewed in the evening should not be continued. In addition, long-term boiled water is not suitable for drinking.

<Medical Encyclopedia> Should I drink the first glass of water in the morning?

Drinking boiled water in the morning, compared with the above six kinds, the most unhealthy and most healthy for the body is the boiled water. First of all, drinking a cup of boiled water in the morning, in the process of human metabolism, not only supplements the water of the cells, but also reduces the viscosity of the blood, which is conducive to the discharge of urine. Secondly, boiled water does not have any heat. It can be absorbed by the body without digesting, so that the blood can be quickly diluted, promote blood circulation, and make people wake up more quickly. In addition, minerals such as calcium and magnesium contained in boiled water are very helpful for preventing cardiovascular diseases and are more suitable for middle-aged and elderly people.

Should I drink the first glass of water in the morning? Drinking water

Time: Drink your stomach on an empty stomach before eating your teeth. Xiao Jiu will drink a cup of warm water before going out to work.

Temperature: The temperature varies from person to person. However, studies have shown that when the water temperature is around 25 °, the water molecules have the best cell affinity with the human body, and the water absorption capacity of the cells is the strongest.

Dosage: For most people, drinking 150-200 ml in the morning is a suitable amount of water. It should be reminded that patients with hypertension and patients with abnormal renal function should pay special attention to drinking water.

Speed: should not be too fast, drinking too fast, very unfavorable to the body, may cause blood pressure and brain edema, leading to headache, nausea, vomiting. Of course, it should not be too slow, otherwise it is easy to cause urine. Just drink slowly.

In short, should I drink the first glass of water in the morning? If you master the water temperature, dosage, time and speed, drink a cup of boiled water on an empty stomach in the morning, which has many benefits for the human body! Do not believe you can give it a try!

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