The four functions of purchasing children's hospital furniture are indispensable

The four functions of purchasing children’s hospital furniture are indispensable

The hospital should do four things in the purchase of children’s hospital furniture: one is functional, one is practical, one is safety, and the other is aesthetic. The four functions of purchasing children’s hospital furniture are indispensable!

1 functionality

Functionality means that the main object of hospital furniture is medical personnel, which must comply with the medical staff’s operating procedures and optimize the workflow. In addition to durability, the treatment room furniture also meets the characteristics of laboratory furniture, including corrosion protection, moisture resistance and more.

Under the treatment room, nurses according to their average height requirements, the need to bend over during the operation process, so added a rehydration basket, reducing the difficulty of use, fully consider the characteristics of moisture, anti-corrosion. The bed is made of PP soft mattress to prevent contamination and penetration, easy to clean and manage, and make some drawers to make full use of space.

2 practicality

The hospital has to face the patients and their families, but also to take into account the functions of pre-examination and consultation. The design of the bar is to look around and improve the patient’s medical experience.

In terms of both sides, a protective fence was made to prevent patients from climbing. The infusion area adopts a partitioned sofa, which has a relatively large space and a fixed infusion stand, which solves the inconvenience of the traditional mobile and surgical infusion stand, and avoids some safety hazards.

Call bells are installed on the infusion bed, and parents do not have to go to the nurse station to call the nurse. While ensuring the comfort of the patient and the parents, the bed also makes the ward unconcerned. Children are equipped with ward furniture, including chairs and tables, and sun cabins inside and outside the ward.

3 security

There are many safety issues for children in the hospital, and furniture is one of them. From the aspect of environmental protection, all the plates are required to meet the requirements of EO level, and the enterprise is required to have ISO qualification, and the quality should conform to international standards. In terms of hospital furniture safety strategy, it is necessary to be stable, strong, avoid sharp corners, and stand up to avoid children’s bruises.

If the child’s body can pass, and the head can’t pass, it will cause the child to suffocate, the consequences are very serious, and at the same time ensure that the furniture can not have cracks, can not have protruding rivets and so on. The rounded corners used in the bar, the waiting chair, the table, and the wall are all wrapped in plastic, which fully considers the safety of the child.

The soft materials used in the waiting chairs and sofas prevent children from drilling, climbing and turning. There are also some details. For example, all the doors have a lock tongue. This height is exactly where the child’s head can touch. When you run around, you will encounter it, so we use the new door without a tongue. Anti-collision stickers are placed on the glass and doors in all the wards to prevent children from being in danger.

The four functions of purchasing children's hospital furniture are indispensable

4 beautiful

This requires taking full advantage of our hospital’s VI system. In considering the aesthetics, hospital furniture should also consider the overall style, and the overall environment and color matching style of the hospital should be unified. Also consider the general color psychological requirements, reflecting the hospital’s culture.

For example, our large bar uses the color of the hospital LOGO, and the entire environment of the chair and clinic is more integrated. Each floor is individually designed. Each floor has a different theme color and cartoon image. The ward has a cartoon image on the ground. For example, there are bear footprints to guide patients to different areas.

The four functions of purchasing children’s hospital furniture are indispensable! The medical encyclopedia takes you to learn more!

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